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Mini "Pots of Gold"

Mini “Pots of Gold”
Adapted from How to Build a Gingerbread House by Christina Banner
These cute little candies are used in the St. Patrick’s Day House in my book, but they can be used for many other decorating projects, and they are very easy to make.  The crushed butterscotch candies look like sparkling gold nuggets on little chocolate pots.
Because the original recipe is part of a list of directions to make a gingerbread house, it called for Royal Icing to attach the gold candies to the chocolate pot.  The reason for this is that Royal Icing is already made and on-hand for a gingerbread house project, so it makes sense to use it there.  In this case, however, we will use a little melted white chocolate instead, which will give equal results.
Makes about 24 candies.
10 butterscotch hard candies (have a few extra on hand, in case you need a little more)
¼ cup white chocolate chips
24 Rolo chocolate-covered caramel candies
To make the pots of gold:
Unwrap the butterscotch candies and place them in a plastic zip-top freezer bag.  Work on a heavy cutting board set on a sturdy work surface. 
Use a heavy rolling pin, meat mallet, or hammer to hit the candies in the bag, breaking them into medium-sized pieces.  Do not crush them too much.  A firm hit to each candy should be plenty; you should not need to use a lot of force.  
Pour the crushed candy into a small bowl and set aside.
Place the white chocolate chips into another plastic zip-top freezer bag and seal the top.  
Place the sealed bag into a bowl of hot (not boiling) tap water to melt the chocolate.  This will take 5 to 10 minutes.  
Knead the bag a little to be sure the chocolate is fully melted.  Use scissors to snip a tiny opening from one end of the bag.  This chocolate will be your “glue” to attach the candies.
Unwrap the Rolo candies and set them upside down, to look like tiny flower pots. 
Squeeze a small amount of white chocolate on top of a Rolo (try to keep it just inside the edge).
Arrange a few larger pieces of the broken candies on the white chocolate.  Next, fill in some of the spaces with a few smaller pieces of candy.  Sprinkle some of the very small bits all around to cover any exposed white chocolate.
Repeat for all of the Rolo candies.  Allow to set until the white chocolate sets firmly.

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