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Easter Garden


“Let’s Make a Gingerbread House!”

Have you ever wanted to make a gingerbread house, but had no idea where to start? Or thought you would need to purchase all sorts of special gadgets and cake decorating supplies? Think again! This book will show you how a few easy recipes, everyday ingredients and basic kitchen equipment are all you need to create a beautiful gingerbread house.


Inside this book you will discover:

  • How to bake and build a gingerbread house from start to finish.
  • Easy to follow recipes, including two varieties of gingerbread dough, homemade snow, and cookie roof shingles.
  • Creative ideas for decorating your house, from butterscotch windows to candy-covered trees, helping you create a gingerbread house of your very own design.
  • Step-by-step instructions, using one basic house pattern, to decorate eight unique gingerbread houses that can be made and enjoyed throughout the year.
  • Tips and techniques for all levels of experience, from beginners to cake decorating experts.




Christina Banner has been making gingerbread houses competitively since 1999. In 2004 she was the Grand Prize Winner of the National Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa in Asheville, North Carolina. In 2005 she won Food Network’s Gingerbread Challenge. Whether you choose to make one of the designs provided, or to create your own work of art, this book will help you have a fun and memorable experience, and a gingerbread house to be proud of!

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